Manly Man Modeling Contest – Cycle 2

October 25,2012: Again, I am really late posting this. Best and Worst managed to get me eliminated. That’s really okay though. I learned a lot about Kaidan through this and he’s taken on a life of his own. I had also grown bored with the contest with all the extensions that were given due to various reasons and all the late posting of scores and assignments for other various reasons. Just proof that life happens. While, with the Sims, we maybe able to play with it, in RL we can’t control it. I had fun and that is what counts. Really, for my first modeling contest who would have thought I would have fared as well as I did?

The one thing that I must feel I have to question the judges on is this, would anyone really want to see a close of up of Kaidan in the “worst” picture? Seriously, in that condition I wouldn’t want to wake up next to him. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I do feel a bit of a conflict of “advice” in the commentary about what would make the picture “better”. Two judges saying a better close up of his face while saying more background props. Considering the pose used, I couldn’t have done both. The close up that I did, as it is, cut off the picture hanging above the couch and most of the coffee table. Just goes to prove that different people look for different things in what makes a picture ‘good’.

So, that was that and it was a learning experience. Will I enter another modeling contest? I don’t know. As much as I enjoy having the prompts to take pictures from, I also don’t have the patience for contests of this nature.

October 1, 2012: I really am horrible about keeping this updated. Es ist, weil ich enttäuscht bin. Last round I didn’t fair so well. I wish I could get in the head of the judges, but that’s not going to happen. The nanotechnology that would allow one to do that is frowned upon.

I was told that the past picture “Wasn’t 70’s enough.” My asking about this, and if the judges were looking for reality vs. stereotype, prompted an interesting discussion about the ’70’s but my question was never answered. I did learn that one of the judges wasn’t even alive for the 1070’s. Still, not everything in the 70’s was about bell bottom pants and gold lame leisure suits. Not everyone was into the disco thing. I am also wondering if I am the only person alive who remembers Welcome Back, Kotter and Vinnie Barbarino. John Travolta did act before Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever. This is how Vinnie dressed, denim pants, some sort of jacket (usually denim) and either a button down shirt or t-shirt. This is what I remember of the 70’s…along with my best friends family being a bunch of hippies. Actually, I knew a lot of hippies back then. I did not, however, know anyone into the whole disco thing. That was not something I experienced.

The future picture turned out a bit better. I will never understand the issues some people have with lighting though. The only place that I have ever been that has the same lighting 100% throughout the entire room was an operating room. Shadows and dark corners are normal and removing them seems so sterile and unnatural to me.

Moving on…

This next round is about showing the model at his best and his worst. Oh yea, we have all seen Kaidan at his worst (if you haven’t, go to the video page and watch Manscaping with Duct Tape). so that was easy. I just had to recreate his Geico caveman look. As I was doing that I discovered we now had werewolf body hair thanks to Supernatural and it got worse.

This is what being sick for four days after eating gas station sushi will do to you. It’s not pretty. Please consider this your PSA.

On the other side of the coin we have Kaidan at his best.

I totally expect to be eliminated this round but regardless, I had fun. That’s what counts.

September 9, 2012: I forgot to post the score card for the last round of the competition. I tied for 5th keeping me in the competition by just a couple of points. I did do much better than last time though.

This time around the assignment is Back to the Future and two pictures are required. One from 1975 and one from 3012.

Kaidan – 1975 dressed as Vinnie Barbarino after a wormhole dropped him off onto the the set of Scooby Doo Meets Doctor Who a mere five minutes before the producers have second thoughts and scrap the project for being “absurd” and a “low budget bad idea.” Something about not being able to put a mask over a Dalek to disguise it as something/someone else and how it would be detrimental to the plot.

Kaidan – The future about 3012 – That same wormhole that dropped him off in 1975 has now dropped him out in the future inside a cloning facility. Surprisingly, everything was just how ever sci-fi movie he had ever watched described it would be, right down to the Matrix inspired lab coats to his stylish, yet horribly uncomfortable, underwear.

August 28, 2012: Assignment 6 ended up being a real challenge for me. The theme is “Being Jethro” and the idea was to come up with something with a cowboy or hillbilly theme. Yea, that’s not even in the same ballpark as any of my interests. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have watch a few things “western”. One of my favorite movies is El Diablo, a rather obscure western staring Lou Gossett Jr. and Anthony Edwards. Robert Beltran from Star Trek: Voyager even makes an appearance in the movie. I also used to watch The Young Riders, a short lived TV series about The Pony Express, faithfully and I watched the movie version of Maverick with Mel Gibson. After that my delve into westerns were Serenity/Firefly and Wild Wild West with Will Smith, and I am not sure either of those qualify as true westerns. So, yea, this just isn’t my thing.

I know what some of you are thinking, “What girl doesn’t love a cowboy?”

Well, me. Yes, I know, I know…I’m weird. I also grew up on a farm so I am pretty much over it all. I don’t have the fascination for it all because I have been there done that. There is no novelty.

So, anyway, I found this assignment horribly hard, and you think it would be easy for someone raised on a farm. The irony. I couldn’t come up with an idea, then the one idea I came up with, I was going to do this fiddle thing a la Charlie Daniels Band, using the violin poses out there but the violin won’t show up in my game. Idea scrapped. Tons of game rage and frustration to follow. It doesn’t help that this round two people will be eliminated and I am one of the bottom two at the moment, which means I need to get a really high score to stay in…but no pressure.

Idea number two didn’t pan out after spending hours in Blender creating a pose for it that there was no way I could put in game and make work. That gives a new meaning to the word suck.

I was determined to make idea three work if it took the last shreds of my sanity…and it all paid off. This is, to date, my favorite picture that I have taken across all the Sim games EVER. I have no idea why, but it struck a chord with me and I am totally in love with it. So, without further ado, I give you Cowboy Kaidan on his cowplant ranch.


August 27, 2012: For those keeping track, Manscaping with Duct Tape came in 9th bringing me down to 9th overall and in danger of being eliminated this next round.

Not sure where this places me overall just yet but I am pretty sure that I wasn’t eliminated this round. That means I have to figure out what to do to up my picture taking ability to stay in the contest…other than not take picture in the bathroom again. Round 6 is all things cowboy…how do I go from Toxic Dream punk rock to cowboy?? Can one herd cow plants?


August 19,2012: Assignment 4 scoring – Olympics

Tied for 10th place this round. I blew it and I knew going into it that I probably blew it and for the reason stated…you can’t see his face. My first instinct was to model an ankle lock because I would have been able to get a clear shot of Kaidan in there, but no…I had to go with the more awesome manly wrestling move of a suplex. It is what it is. A little disappointed with the 8 in creativity for a number of reasons including the fact that I had to make the pose and that no one else did wrestling, but again, it is what it is. Going into this entire thing, having never done such a contest and the fact that I am not wired to do “classy and fashionable” (as I call it) I kind of figured that I would be one of the first people eliminated, but I am having fun and learning in the process and that is what matters.

August 19, 2012: Assignment 5 is The Advertisement. This round proves that my mind should not be allowed out unsupervised. No one can accuse me of not aiming for creativity points…

Seriously, this was the first thing that came to mind because the rules said “avert for a product only a guy would use”. Duct Tape is the ultimate guy item, next to a BBQ grill. Metrosexual + Duct Tape = Manscaping with Duct Tape. For whatever reason, I can hear Ron Popiel doing an infomercial for it now…

August 11, 2012: Just got my score sheet for this time around. Round 3 Kaidan placed  tied for 3rd…putting him in 7th place over all at the moment.

Hopefully I can keep from being eliminated too quickly come round 5 when eliminations start and that other people think that my Olympic Games assignment picture is as cool as I think it is. Honestly, I am totally expecting it to place low because you can’t see his face all that well. Still…I think for my first modeling competition I am not doing all that bad. I totally accept the fact that there are other people in this competition that have more experience than I and there is a 99.9% chance I am not going to win but I am having fun and it’s a learn experience. That right there is what matters.

August 10, 2012: Life always has a way of interrupting fun…in this case it delayed the Manly Man Competition. Deadlines were extended and round three scores aren’t in yet (word is we will have them later today). The anticipation is killing me. In the meantime the subject for Assignment 4 was posted…”Olympic Games”.  This one took a little more work than the others and all I can say is that I am glad that I learned to make poses when I did or else this image would have never happened and I would still be trying to come up with a photo idea and failing.

I give you Olympic Freestyle Wrestling.

I was told that I had my entry up quick. I guess quick means the same day that the assignment was announced. I sure didn’t feel like I had it done quick. I had to research what Olympic wrestling mats looked like, I downloaded a wrestling singlet that didn’t show up in game for some reason, I had to create the poses…and I wasn’t going to puss out with a “wimpy” pose like an Ankle Lock and went with a German Suplex. I staged everything trying to find an angle where Kaidan’s face wasn’t totally obscured and took the picture, did my bit of Photoshop work, only to find out that I forgot their shoes and  had to do things over. I don’t think it turned out to bad. Now if we could just get the scores for the last round…

July 31, 2012: Round Two of the Manly Man Modeling Competition has closed and we did rather well this time around placing 2nd in a tie with three others. Kaidan was also chosen as one of the WOW photos and awarded extra points for it! Not to bad for a first modeling competition! Granted this is only Round Two and we are in 8th place overall, but this is still good!

The worst part about this for me is this. Here is the original picture I was going to submit.

Notice, the lighting is much better. However because of the color of the amp, the top part of it looks like a door that is out of place. I was able to fix the color the amp where everyone could tell that that the top part of the amp was part of the amp and not a door or something else weird. I realized 10 seconds after submitting the second image (below) that I forgot to replace the lights to fix the lighting in the picture. I screwed up and I knew it. I still managed to tie for second and got one of the WOW pictures. I am thrilled but at the same time I feel like I was just lucky.

Round three is going to be a real challenge. Not only do I have to make Kaidan look good (well, he already looks good) but I have to make Agnes Crumplebottom look good. The challenge title is “Escort”. Agnes needs a manly man to take her to a charity event. Hopefully Kaidan is up for the challenge.

UPDATE: Agnes cleans up really well, surprisingly. This is also where I refuse to take anything seriously and to show my total immaturity I add a cow plant to the mix.

Image Description:
Kaidan agreed to accompany Agnes to the annual Save Our Cow Plants Rehabilitation Center Charity Dinner (as if he had any choice in the matter after Agnes was the highest bidder for his company at the Sunset Valley Charity Bachelor Auction). Naturally, the media wanted pictures of all the attendants with the cow plants. Despite reassuring everyone that the cow plants were well fed just hours before the event to prevent any mishaps, Kaidan and Agnes were still hesitant to have to stand so close to one of the cow plants for fear of being eaten.

Click for full size

July 24, 2012: Round two of the Manly Man Modeling Competition is underway.

Round one we placed 7th. Not to bad for a the first time in a modeling competition. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit to but I didn’t realize that my graphics were not turned up all the way on my computer. The thing is, I have a computer that can handle the high res graphics without issue. I think at one point I did have them turned all the way up and had to go through a reformat of the entire computer and just forgot to do it on reinstall of the game. I feel like a moron. At least I am on my way to improving, and that is all that matters.

In round two we were assigned a specific color to work with. In Kaidan’s case, it was light gray (hex # d4d4d4).

Click for full size.

I really didn’t know what I was going to do, especially working with a drab color, but I think it turned out rather well. I am always amazed at how the same color looks on different textures. It’s hard to believe that the carpet and the curtains were done with the same texture and the same two shades of gray with the only difference being the color of the stripe.

July 20,2012: This is Kaidan from the Lunar Lakes Legacy and you can download him here. He’s decided to enter the Manly Man Modeling Competition over at SimTech. Wish him luck, he has some tough competition, especially since he has never done any kind of modeling before.

Head shot:

Assignment One: Black and white photo: