6 Seat Round Table

07-24-16_6-22-53 AM


The 6 seat round table from Dine Out was a good idea, right? Such a good idea that everyone wished that there was an umbrella free version to use inside. I mean, you could use a patio table with an umbrella inside if you wanted to, but when the Welcome Wagon shows up with that questionable fruitcake they are going to point and laugh because who does that?

Well, now you don’t have to worry about that because the table has been liberated from the umbrella and comes in 45 variations. That’s 3 metal colours and @peacemaker-ic‘s 15 wood tones. BACKYARD STUFF  is needed.

CORRECTION: This is what happens when I’m not 100% coherent and working on things (it happens more often than I would like) This is the table from Backyard Stuff not Dine Out. Dine Out has space food that can be eaten on the Backyard Stuff table.



SIMSFILESHARE DOWNLOAD (added because my website is being a butthole)

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